Oracle BPM Suite 12c Installation

1) Download these two JAR files from below link

2) Run this Command in CMD

3) Once Popup opens up, come to 5th window by doing next-next

4) This Screen would come up post installation



af:query hide attribute from query and show them in result table

Sometimes it is required to create af:query component based on a view object but it need to hide some of the attributes from criteria.

Its simple, open view object uncheck “Select in Query” attribute and it will not show while querying.


Please write back if still facing any issue.

Create dropdown based on variables

Sometimes it is required to create a dropdown which should use base data as a variable rather than a binding.
1) Create a variable inside variables binding

Add Variable to Bindings

2) Give variable name and create it of string type.

Give it a variable name and type

3) Select list binding type

select a list binding type

4) Select second option from “Select List Binding Type”

Select second option from "Select List Binding Type"

5) Create a data mapping and use List Item configuration for default value of your dropdown.

Map code and for showing default option use Please Select

Map code and for showing default option use Please Select

please write to us if you have any problem in configuring it at

Delete child records automatically on deleting parent record

Sometimes its preferable to delete child record as well, on deleting parent table records.
Its quite easier open your association, go to behaviour, tick Composition Association and tick “Implement Cascade Delete”

Undeploy Composites when Soa-Infra is down

1. Download and copy the ShareSoaInfraPartition.ear to access MDS Offline

or you can get it from this loction as well

2. Connect to WLST and deploy the above application on the AdminServer. Use the WLST under $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/ oracle_common/common/bin.

3. Run the below command to export the metadata from the AdminServer. Change the values appropriate to your environment.

Executing operation: exportMetadata.
Operation “exportMetadata” completed. Summary of “exportMetadata” operation is:
List of documents successfully transferred:
1 documents successfully transferred.

4. Open the deployed-composites.xml within deployed-composites folder under .

5. Delete the composite series or revision which is causing the problem and save the file.

6. Import the updated file under into MDS.
wls:/domain/serverConfig> importMetadata(application=’ShareSoaInfraPartition’,server=’AdminServer’,fromLocation=”,docs=’/deployed-composites/deployed-composites.xml’)

Executing operation: importMetadata.

Operation “importMetadata” completed. Summary of “importMetadata” operation is:
List of documents successfully transferred:

1 documents successfully transferred.

7. Restart your SOA server or soa-infra.

Oracle BPM – Shared Worklist views & Flex Fields Migration

There is not Out of box feature to achieve this.
What I am proposing is a workaround which reduces manual effort of recreating views and Flex fields mapping at each environment.

Precisely we need to take export of these tables from particular environment where shared views and flex field mapping resides and copy it to the environment where we need to do it.


SOA Fault Handling

Every BPEL and BPM project within SOA 11g should have a fault-policies.xml and a fault-bindings.xml.
You can recover from faults that occur in BPEL process and Oracle Mediator service components by
defining a fault policy. You define the fault policy in the fault-policies.xml and fault-bindings.xml during
design time. The fault policy describes how to handle runtime faults. If a fault is defined, it is
automatically handled by the fault policy during runtime. If a defined fault results in a condition in which
human intervention is the prescribed action, you perform recovery actions from Oracle Enterprise
Manager Console. Both individual fault recovery and bulk fault recovery are supported. You can
recover from individual faults in Oracle Enterprise Manager Console by modifying the following:
• Variable values in BPEL process service components
• Payloads in Oracle Mediator service components.

While these files can be highly customized, this document will cover a basic example that can
immediately be copied into each of your existing BPM projects.





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