SOA Fault Handling

Every BPEL and BPM project within SOA 11g should have a fault-policies.xml and a fault-bindings.xml.
You can recover from faults that occur in BPEL process and Oracle Mediator service components by
defining a fault policy. You define the fault policy in the fault-policies.xml and fault-bindings.xml during
design time. The fault policy describes how to handle runtime faults. If a fault is defined, it is
automatically handled by the fault policy during runtime. If a defined fault results in a condition in which
human intervention is the prescribed action, you perform recovery actions from Oracle Enterprise
Manager Console. Both individual fault recovery and bulk fault recovery are supported. You can
recover from individual faults in Oracle Enterprise Manager Console by modifying the following:
• Variable values in BPEL process service components
• Payloads in Oracle Mediator service components.

While these files can be highly customized, this document will cover a basic example that can
immediately be copied into each of your existing BPM projects.





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