Sorting in Java 7 vs Java 8

This post is around Sorting in Java7 vs Java 8.

For explanation, i ll take a List as Data Structure input.

List<String> nameofCricketers=new ArrayList<String>();

Now we will create two methods to explain the same.

void java7Sorting(List<String> nameofCricketers);
void java8Sorting(List<String> nameofCricketers);

In Java 7 , When we had to implement sorting, below is the Code which we had to write.

private void java7Sorting(List<String> nameofCricketers){
Collections.sort(nameofCricketers,new Comparator<String>(){

public int compare(String c1,String c2){
return c1.compareTo(c2)

After inclusion of lambda functions in java8 , it can be done quickly by a single line of code.

private void java8Sorting(List<String> nameofCricketers){
Collections.sort(nameofCricketers,(c1,c2) -> c1.compareTo(c2));


Output would be same on both execution.

[Ajinkya, Bumrah, Rohit, Virat]

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