Oracle BPM 12C – Webforms with BPM Composer

Oracle BPM 12C – Webforms with BPM Composer

What are we going to do today?

  1. Use BPM Composer for 12C
  2. Create a two Step Leave Approval Process
    1. Data Fields
      1. From Date
      2. To Date
      3. Leave Reason

→ Leave would be SUbmitted by employee and would go to manager

Step 1: Login @ BPM Composer

Create new Space – TestSpace

Create new Process with details as mentioned

Create a new Process with two Human Task

  1. Initiator Task – Apply Leave
  2. Approval Task – APprove Leave

Create HumanTask and create Data objects on it

Click on ApplyLeaveHT (Human Task) , Select webform (dont select based on payload) as this is initiator task

Now,pls go to project workspace again and click on WebForms.You ll see the newly created webform over there.

Drag and drop fields ( date fields and text area for reason) and update properties

Update Properties / Style Geolocations and update webform

How to Deploy



If you get this exception,”The user did not have the privilege of deploying/undeploying projects”

Please login to em — soa – infra – administration


give user “weblogic” permission to bpmcomposerrole


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