Robotic Process Automation – Message Call after reading data from Excel / CSV (UIPath)


Wanted to share steps to make an Mesage  call using UIPath with Unattended Access.While we are going deep into this, expectation is that the attendee /reader has base premise and idea of RPA. If not, will try to write a new blog on that.

Also i understand that not every one buys an enterprise licence 🙂 Though people should (UIPath guys will kill me for proposing this) , we ll try to do everything using their community edition.


excel File:

Step 1:Install and open UIPath-Studio

Step 2: Search for Read-CSV , drag and drop it to Main.xaml

Step 3: Search for CSV file in your machine , select it (it should be in double quotes) and create a variable to map the CSV output to a Datastructure.

Step 4: Click on + Icon and add a “for-each-row” loop

Step 5: add the datatable in the box

Step 6: Add an message box


Step 7: Run and see output

We are done… Have given the most simplest use case as demo, please let me know ny complex problem which has to be solved.

Adding a query form for this.

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